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For the Glee_Fans Summer Mix Exchange. Based on the Road Trip prompt by [personal profile] wishfulclicking 

On The Road

On The Road – A PucKurt Fanmix Companion Piece

Kurt: Okay, one song each. Deal?
Puck: Deal.
Kurt: Me first!

1.) Your Love Is My Drug – Ke$sha
“Maybe I need some rehab. Or maybe just need some sleep. I've got a sick obsession. I'm seein' it in my dreams. I'm walkin' down every alley. I'm makin' those desperate calls. I'm stayin' up all night hopin', hittin' my head against the walls.”

Puck: Are you kidding me with this? What is this shit?
Kurt: (offended) Shut up! It's Ke$ha, and she's fabulous.
Puck: Whatever... Is it almost over?

Puck: Alright, here we go.

2.) Fight For Your Right – Beastie Boys
“You wake up late for school, man you don't wanna go, You ask your mom 'please?' but she still says 'NO!' You miss two classes and no homework, but your teacher preaches class like you're some kind of jerk.”

Kurt: (chuckles) And you think my tatse in music is stupid...
Puck: (glares)

3.) Crazy In Love – Beyonce
“I look and stare so deep in your eyes. I touch on you more and more every time. When you leave, I'm beggin' you not to go. Call your name two, three times in a row.”

Kurt: What, no remarks?
Puck: Whatever. It's cool... Beyonce's hot anyway.
Kurt: (rolls eyes but smiles)

4.) My Chick Bad – Ludacris
“I'm sayin' my chick bad, my chick hood. My chick do stuff that yo' chick wish she could. My chick bad, badder than yours. My chick do stuff that I can't even put in words. Her swagga don't stop, her body won't quit. So fool pipe down; you ain't talkin' 'bout shit.”

Kurt: (leans over to turn it off) Ugh, Puck, just... no!
Puck: Hey! What the hell, Kurt?!
Kurt: I will not listen to some idiot rap about how his woman slides down the pole like a certified stripper. But I will give you another chance to pick a song.
Puck: (annoyed) Jesus...

5.) Magic – B.O.B
“I got the magic in me. Everytime I touch that track it turns into gold. Everybody knows I've got the magic in me. When I hit the flow the girls come snappin' at me. Now everybody wants some presto magic.”

Puck: If you turn this one off too, I swear---
Kurt: (cutting him off) Actually, I kinda like it.
Puck: (surprised) Really?
Kurt: (smiles) Yes. Really.

6.) Monster – Lady GaGa
“I wanna Just Dance. But he took me home instead. Uh oh! There was a monster in my bed. We french kissed on a subway train. He tore my clothes right off. He ate my heart the he ate my brain.”

Puck: The Ga, really? You're, like, obsessed.
Kurt: (snickers) Puck, you realized you just refered to her as “The Ga” don't you?
Puck: (eyes wide)
Kurt: (smiling) I'm such a terrible influence on you.
Puck: Shut it. (after a moment) Do you ever listen to any dudes? I mean, like really?
Kurt: Yes.
Puck: Really?
Kurt: I said yes, did I?!
Puck: Alright, you gave me two turns, I'll give you another too. I'm curious.

7.) Somebody Told Me – The Killers
“Breaking my back just to know your name. Seventeen tracks and I've had it with this game. I'm breaking my back just to know your name. But heaven ain't close in a place like this.”

Puck: (laughs) I guess this counts.
Kurt: It does!
Puck: It's cool. I dig The Killers
Kurt: What about you? Do you ever listen to any female artists?
Puck: Sure...

8.) Date With The Night – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“I got a date with the night burnin down my finger. Gonna catch the kids dry gonna walk on water. Buying out the fight we're sweatin in the winter. Both Thighs squeeze tight.”

Kurt: You like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
Puck: Uh, yeah... you too?
Kurt: (smiles) Yeah.
Puck: (smiles) ...Yeah.

Kurt: Time for an 80's montage...

9.) Like A Prayer – Madonna
“Life is a mystery. Everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name. And it feels like home.”

Puck: Does my voice make you feel like flying?
Kurt: … Did you really just ask me that?
Puck: (embarrassed) Never mind.
Kurt: (singing along) You're here with me, it's like a dream...

10.) When Doves Cry – Prince
“Maybe I'm just too demanding. Maybe I'm just like my father, too bold. Maybe I'm just like my mother. She's never satisfied. Why do we scream at each other? This is what it sounds like, when doves cry.”

Puck: (stares ahead silently)
Kurt: (reaches over to take his hand)

11.) Drumming Song – Florence and the Machine
“There's a drumming noise inside my head that starts when you're around. I swear that you should hear it, it makes such an almighty sound. There's a drumming noise inside my head that throws me too the ground. I swear that you could hear it, it makes such an almighty sound.”

Puck: I've never heard this before.
Kurt: It's Florence and the Machine.
Puck: It's intense.
Kurt: It's pretty accurate though.
Puck: (looks surprised and then smiles

12.) I Can Barely Breathe – Manchester Orchestra

“And then I saw your face. You're turning skin into a dirty secret. I watched the beauties, watched the fire. And the fire burn the beauty in their eyes.”

Kurt: This is really beautiful.
Puck: Kinda like you... (blushes)
Kurt: (leans over and gives Puck a quick kiss on the cheek)
Puck: (smiles)

13.) Sing – The Dresden Dolls
*Bonus track
Because I wanted to include them in here somehow. :) Enjoy!

on 2010-07-04 11:17 pm (UTC)
wishfulclicking: man in black and white pulling back a curtain to show moving sky (glee: cory & amber thumbs up)
Posted by [personal profile] wishfulclicking
I love everything about this! Just the snippet you put on glee fans made me excited but the expanded version just makes everything better.

The ending was so sweet. Thank you so much!


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